About Us

ARCTEL-CPLP is a private law association that promotes information sharing and exchange of experiences between communication's regulators of the Portuguese speaking countries of CPLP towards the sector's improvement and the market growth.
ARCTEL is available for partnerships and collaboration in what comes to training, cooperation and research within and outside CPLP. For more information click here


The idea of creating a permanent forum for information sharing on regulation in the Portuguese Speaking countries came after several technical meetings between the CPLP's members. In October 2008, the National Regulator Authorities (NRA) of Angola (Instituto Angolano das Comunicações - INACOM), Brazil (Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações - ANATEL), Cape Verde (Agência Nacional das Comunicações - ANAC), Guinea-Bissau (Instituto das Comunicações da Guiné-Bissau - ICGB), Mozambique (Instituto Nacional das Comunicações de Moçambique - INCM), Portugal (Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações - ANACOM), Sao Tome and Príncipe (Autoridade Geral de Regulação - AGER) and East Timor (Autoridade Reguladora das Comunicações - ARCOM), created ARCTEL-CPLP.
ARCTEL-CPLP aims at reinforcing the existing historic friendship bonds and cooperation efforts in CPLP, as well as the economic and private partnerships between its members through projects embracing common interests and that can contribute for the creation of an institutional and regulatory environment, essential for innovation and development of the sector.
In line with the ARCTEL's fundamental memorandum, the pillars of its creation are:
  • Promote the exchange of information in the regulation of the communication markets of all members;
  • Promote the adoption of good practices and the harmonization of regulation measures of CPLP;
  • Analyze, coordinate and defend National Regulators of the Portuguese speaking countries interests, assuming common positions in the international scene within the limits of their attributions;
  • Keep up with matters concerning the services universalization and topics related to Development, in particular referring to members with more needs in the sector or that recently joined ARCTEL;